What Is the Biggest Planet on Earth Meme? Comprehensive Answer

what is the biggest planet on earth meme

There, it rested in obscurity for several months on a seldom-visited subreddit until it was reposted to the prominent /r/comedyheaven in December when it took off and spread to Twitter within a week. The app also offers users access to all types of editing tools, allowing them to manipulate the sound, tint and pacing of videos as easily as they would apply an Instagram filter. TikTok memes range from certain trends in the subject matter of videos to certain sounds and songs that come to be used a particular way, as well as text-centric copypastas.

what is the biggest planet on earth meme

Trying to use either site on a laptop is arguably an inferior experience. Most of the other sites and platforms listed (with the exception of Instagram) have decent user interfaces on mobile but were originally created for a laptop or desktop screen. In 2021, the wider availability of smartphones around the world meant that most recreational screen time was taking place on that kind of device rather than another kind. This, notably, also coincided with the emergence of zoomers as a cultural force.

Many meme formats – and, arguably, the sense of humor and “edginess” foundational to meme culture – began with 4chan and its countercultural posture. The lion’s share of meme origins recorded on the site in 2010 come from YouTube and 4chan. YouTube, launched in 2005, is one of the most iconic social sharing sites out there — it’s the site that arguably taught everyone what “viral” meant. In comparison to the planets in our solar system dwarf planets like Pluto are much smaller.

The simple format of the meme also makes it easy to create and share. The earliest known instance of the meme was posted on the subreddit r/dankmemes on January 9th, 2018, by user u/The-Great-Blend. The post featured a picture of the earth ifc markets with the caption “When did the biggest planet on earth meme first appear?” The post received over 4,000 upvotes and 190 comments in the first two weeks. However, some folks might prefer Saturn for its more distinctive appearance.

There’s no definitive answer to this question since it largely depends on personal preferences, but we can narrow things down to a few key contenders. In terms of size, Jupiter is definitely the clear winner – it’s over two and a half coinjar review times the size of Saturn, and more than eleven times the size of Earth. This makes it an obvious choice for many people’s biggest planet earth meme. Third, and most importantly, the “biggest planet on earth” meme is always relevant.

When Earth is the only flat planet in the solar system

But for Twitter, Vine’s parent company that was already facing its own problems, the property was apparently just too much dead weight. While the app had over 200 million active users that year, it never actually made a profit. Meme humor tonally begins to distinguish itself from IRL humor by turning more absurd, more nonsensical and more daring.

They range in size from about two times the mass of Earth to almost ten times its mass. For starters, the most popular planet memes generally seem to focus on either Jupiter or Saturn. In terms of size, Jupiter is definitely the clear winner – it’s over two and a half times the size of Saturn, and more than eleven times the size of Earth.

The image of the woman (Taylor Armstrong) yelling is a screen grab from a 2011 episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, while the image of the cat, named Smudge, began on Tumblr in 2018. The two images were then combined together in May 2019 by a Twitter user who commented on the power of seeing them paired, and thus, the meme was born. The fall of Tumblr and 4chan is likely one of those historical questions like the fall of the Roman Empire, which has a thousand different answers and will be debated forever. Factors such as the transition to a more mobile-oriented internet that favors phone-first apps like TikTok and Twitter might be partially responsible. You could also blame specific business decisions, such as Tumblr’s banning of pornography in 2018 or 4chan’s moderation policies. Culture might play a part too, as many people were just turned off by their vibes.

  1. A couple of occasions annually, skywatchers can expect to supermoons, which appear bigger and shine better than standard full moons.
  2. When the biggest planet on earth meme first circulated on the internet, many people were confused about what it was supposed to represent.
  3. The meme has continued to be popular on 4chan and other message boards in the years since its inception.
  4. Regardless of the reason, the meme is a popular way to make a statement.

Uranus and Neptune are so far away from the Sun that they are too cold for any form of life as we know it today. On August 8th, 2022, the YouTube channel See Tok uploaded a TikTok compilation of “Does it really matter?” videos, earning roughly 16,000 views and over 500 likes in one week (shown below). The video received roughly 380,500 plays and 76,000 likes over the course of four weeks (shown below).

The chart shows a decrease in the share of memes generated by smaller sites, but YouTube, the number one source of origin, is far from being a monolith. Reddit is an equal to 4chan, while Tumblr comes in not too far behind. 4chan, on the other hand, has always had a more limited appeal, frequented by people who typically do not wish to participate in the “normie” world.

Some people thought it was an image of the actual planet Earth, while others thought it was a joke about the size of the United States. People use the biggest planet on earth meme for many different things. Some people use it to show how large and in charge they are, while others use it to make fun of someone else’s large ego.

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A 2021 meme that speaks to the continuing development and evolution of meme culture is Pondering My Orb, a meme that came to be recombined with similar meme formats stretching back over many years. The central character, a sage pondering his orb taken from the cover of a 1988 RPG fantasy gamebook, first appeared on Twitter in October 2021. Woman Yelling At A Cat, like Big Chungus, came from several sources.

what is the biggest planet on earth meme

Whatever your opinion on the matter, we can all agree the memes were everything. This time, it’s because the classic image – of four friends in tight jeans – was immortalised in paper mâché. Like with Big Chungus a year earlier, the component parts of the Coffin Dance meme existed elsewhere. The audio track “Astronomia” by Tony Igy was already circulating, and the video of the dancing pallbearers was originally posted to YouTube in 2019, celebrating a Ghanaian funeral tradition.

Emotional damage meme

It’s got those iconic rings, after all, which definitely make it stand out from the other planets in our solar system. And while it might not be quite as large as Jupiter, it’s still pretty massive – almost as big as Uranus, and nearly half again the size of Earth. So it’s definitely a contender for the title of biggest planet earth meme. Through memes, we can help to tell the story of the social internet and how it became what we see today.

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For example, during the 2016 US presidential election, the meme was used to contrast the size of Earth with that of Jupiter, with Jupiter being represented as Hillary Clinton and Earth as Donald Trump. This version of the meme was often used to point out the size difference between Earth and Jupiter, with Earth seeming much smaller in comparison. However, the biggest planet on earth meme actually represents a criticism of the way that society values material possessions over experiences. The image itself is a representation of our planet Earth, but it is significantly smaller than the size of a credit card. This is meant to show how small our planet is in comparison to the size of the universe, and how we should value our time here instead of wasting it on things that don’t matter. When the biggest planet on earth meme first circulated on the internet, many people were confused about what it was supposed to represent.

Prior to 1992, when the first exoplanet was discovered, the gas giant Jupiter, which is about 11 times  as wide as Earth, held the title of the biggest known planet. But Jupiter is a pip-squeak compared with some monster worlds we’ve discovered since. Oh, and the best part is that these ndax review Earth Day memes are environmentally friendly so staying in to scroll through these is technically good for the planet. From clever puns to cute animals doing their part to save the planet, these memes will remind you that taking care of our environment doesn’t have to be a chore.

No matter what’s going on in the world, there’s always a way to use the meme to make a comment on it. Whether it’s a political situation, a cultural phenomenon, or just something that’s happening in your everyday life, the “biggest planet on earth” meme always has something to say. This is a popular meme that is used to make fun of someone who is feeling small or insignificant. The exact origins of the meme are unclear, but it is believed to have originated on 4chan in the early 2000s. 4chan users would often post pictures of the earth with absurd or humorous captions, and the “biggest planet on earth” meme is likely a product of this.