Bookkeeper360 Review for February 2024 Best Bookkeeping Services

Its monthly plan starts at $299 for the Essential package, and $499 for Premium – which includes tax handling. As mentioned before, you can integrate it with QuickBooks and Xero for effective and accurate financial management. Online bookkeeping services offer several advantages to businesses bookkeeper360 review looking to manage their financial records efficiently. One of the most significant benefits of online bookkeeping is accessibility. With online bookkeeping services, businesses can access their financial records from anywhere, at any time, and through any device with an internet connection.

It offers a comprehensive bookkeeping solution with more services for QuickBooks users than QuickBooks Live, including payroll, tax preparation, and business advice. offers three subscription plans, which range in price from $399 to $799 per month, depending on the number of monthly transactions and frequency of service. If you need additional services, such as payroll or tax preparation, you can request a customized quote based on the size and needs of your business.

  1. One of the notable benefits of Bookkeeper360 is that almost all of its reviews online are extremely positive.
  2. The least expensive plans start with bookkeeping basics, such as account reconciliation and generating financial reports.
  3. All customers choose from either the Essential plan or Premium plan based on whether they want tax services included.
  4. QuickBooks Live has a feature that is unique to the service, its 100% Accurate Books Guarantee.

Bench and Bookkeeper360 scored high with overall ease of use, but Bench has the slight edge in this category. Both assign you to a dedicated bookkeeper upon sign-up but the difference is that Bench offers a free trial for one month of prior bookkeeping before you commit to the service. With QuickBooks Live, you can meet with your bookkeeper via one-way video chat, so you can see them but they can’t see you. Like Bookkeeper360, QuickBooks Live varies its subscription price depending on the amount of monthly expenses.

The features you receive with Bookkeeper360 will largely depend on what your business needs and what kind of strategy you develop in your consultation. Ultimately you can choose services that range from advisory support to full, hands-on bookkeeping management. With the first plan, called the “Support” plan, you continue to manage your own bookkeeping with some assistance from the Bookkeeper360 advisors. In essence, Bookkeeper360 will help you set up your accounting system, provide training and checkups and offer two hours per month of support, but you will manage your day-to-day bookkeeping tasks yourself. Although we found only a handful of Bookkeeper360 reviews from users, most of the scores are high.

Business Performance Dashboard

This feature is available because the communication happens within the Bookkeeper360 interface. Bookkeeping is the core service that Bookkeeper360 offers and is available by signing up for a consultation with its U.S.-based team. Just like Bookkeeper360, doesn’t currently offer a mobile app beyond the mobile app that comes with a QuickBooks Online or Xero subscription, which is why we called this category a tie. Best of all, Bookkeeper360 integrates directly with your favorite payroll solutions like Gusto and ADP.

Since Bookkeeper360 is invested in software development, their services are usually twice as expensive as ours (we are talking about equivalent service plans). Online business debt management has become widely popular because it meets the specific needs and challenges faced by … Moreover, it integrates with two of our best small business accounting software, QuickBooks Online and Xero.

CFO Advisory Plans

While QuickBooks Online has a mobile app that you can use to access your books, there’s no mobile app that allows you to communicate with Wave is a free, cloud-based accounting software designed for small businesses and freelancers. It offers essential features like invoicing, expense tracking, and basic financial reporting. For assistance with selecting the best online bookkeeping service for your business, check out our article about how to choose a virtual bookkeeper. Your Bookkeeper360 bookkeeper is available to meet via email, live chat, and phone.

What level of support does Bookkeeper360 offer?

Since the platform works best when integrated with QuickBooks and Xero, we evaluated user scores from the app stores of each accounting software. Both Bench and Bookkeeper360 received mostly positive user reviews, but Bookkeeper360’s average score is higher. We feel this is mainly because of the quality of its customer service, which has been described as both responsive and knowledgeable. Its integrations with both Xero and QuickBooks Online make it easy for users to understand their financial picture.

Our rigorous hiring policies ensure that you can rest easy knowing your dedicated accountant has the experience and knowledge to deliver high-quality work — the first time. Their application that provides great visuals of how our business is doing on a daily basis with goals and metrics. Yes, QuickBooks Live Bookkeeping offers catch-up bookkeeping back to the last tax return you filed. QuickBooks Live and Bookkeeper360 both integrate with QuickBooks Online, which then gives them access to the QuickBooks App Store, which provides hundreds of useful integrations.

Month-end Close With Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

One of the notable benefits of Bookkeeper360 is that almost all of its reviews online are extremely positive. After setting up your accounting system, you’ll be able to use the Bookkeeper360 cloud-based platform to communicate and work with your bookkeeper or accountant. Bookkeeper360 gives its users access to Marketplace, which will analyze your finances and make recommendations for third-party software products that can integrate with Bookkeeper360.

You also receive tax support and return filing if you opt for the Premium plan. Meanwhile, your Bookkeeper360 bookkeeper is available via email, live chat, and phone. You can schedule phone meetings every month to review financial reports, and your bookkeeper will grant you access to their screen so that you can view your books.

This allows business owners and their accountants to stay up-to-date on their finances and make informed decisions on the go. For cash-basis accounting, pricing starts at $399 per month for companies with up to $20,000 in monthly expenses. For accrual-basis accounting, prices start at $549 per month for companies with up to $20,000 in monthly expenses. You can also use the Bookkeeper360 App without bookkeeping services for $19 per month.